Environmental – More than compliance and cost

Compliance and the cost to achieve it are the core issues raised by landowners and developers when dealing with most environmental aspects of their project.

Improving ecological and biological values and how they may directly and indirectly improve the holding income of the property and alleviate the typically high compliance costs associated with future development (such as residential and industrial development or intensive agriculture and waste treatment) is an area of increasing importance.

Examples of where value can be added are hard to see on the surface but look a little deeper and achieve a better bottom line.  Recent projects include:

    • Dual purpose planting of native flowering plants to meet environmental species compliance while also producing pollen for medicinal honey production.
    • Successful seed collection and propagation of endangered plants to offset stringent and costly vegetation and weed management compliance costs.
    • Generating both bio-banking credits for offsetting flora and fauna removal on development sites and carbon credits from offset plantings as a means to generate income and alleviate costs with developing land along our sensitive and fragile coastal zones.

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Environment Article – July 2020

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