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Turning information into intelligence is the key to realising the highest and best land use opportunities available to you from your property. A typical approach will not look at the project in its entirety. An holistic approach to land use will importantly establish the needs and wants of the landowners first and raise a range of land use and agribusiness options with various risk profiles for consideration. Each individual layer of information (such as legal, planning, soil, geology, hydrology, climate, environment, ecology and infrastructure) need to be understood as a part of the whole system and when combined with crop and market analysis and the right management can deliver a sustainable and profitable outcome for the landowners.

Recent such projects have done just that:

  • Function venue and cabins approved for development as a best fit for a 32ha coastal passionfruit and lime orchard creating a complete holding income to support further development.
  • Native plant nursery and Medicinal pollen plantation established as a best fit for a 20ha paddock now producing 30,000+ plants a year and viable pollen and honey allowing the landowners to diversify away from traditional cattle grazing and created additional income previously unrealised.
  • Restoration of a 50ha development site to produce a viable fodder crop over a 3-5 year program undertaking a legitimate scaled farming enterprise allowed the landowners to achieve primary production exemption and a significant reduction in their land tax obligations on future development land.

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Agribusiness Article – July 2020

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